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Positive Impact in the Community

Our Philosophy

Statement of Philosophy

Family Service is committed to creating a long-lasting and positive impact in our community by serving individuals and families facing critical hardships involving domestic violence, child abuse, mental health, and financial stability. Because we have the most extensive and diverse array of such services in our community, we are in a unique position and embrace our responsibility to address these multi-faceted barriers to success. By identifying the complex needs of our clients and delivering impactful services, we empower individuals and families so they will have the best chance of success and overall well-being.

Family Service will continue as the model for outstanding service and delivery by advancing successful outcome-based programs and collaborative initiatives to address individual needs that impact personal development as well as the growth of safe and healthy families. Our staff will energetically, compassionately, and responsibly give our clients the tools and advocacy needed to successfully integrate with society.

We will constantly monitor our environment to offer the most relevant and up-to-date models of support services, ensuring they are of the highest caliber and effectiveness for the benefit of our clients, and thus the community at large.

Furthermore, Family Service will hold itself to the highest standards of integrity and excellence in our programs, services, and staff, including transparency in our fiscal and board responsibilities. Fidelity to these standards constitutes the backbone of our agency and drives our decisions and actions.

Core Beliefs

  • We believe every individual has the right to live his or her life with dignity, respect, and integrity.
  • We believe every family is impacted by the health and well-being of its individual members.
  • We believe families are an essential part of society and that safe and healthy families provide the underpinning and model for a healthy, stable, and vibrant society.
  • We believe every child should live free from fear and have the right to grow up to become a strong, healthy, and responsible citizen.
  • We believe our services address the most critical issues affecting the well-being of today’s individuals and families; by providing education, advocacy and alternate choices, human beings are better able to develop and sustain safe, healthy, and productive lives.
  • We believe by developing and subscribing to the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and best methods, our clients have the greatest chance of successfully surmounting issues that could potentially cripple them.
  • We believe that all funding of the agency should be used in the most effective, transparent, and responsible manner possible so that our clients and community are able to benefit at a maximum potential.
  • We believe that the continued trust and generosity of our stakeholders enables us to enjoy the excellent reputation and professional position we hold within the community and is essential to our success.