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Preventing Foreclosure

Perseverance Pays Off

Looking back on his experience as he fought to prevent his home from foreclosure, Eric* says he relied on the “three P’s: perseverance, patience and persistence.” His determination paid off in the end and with the help of Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) from Family Service of the Piedmont, Eric was able to keep his home.

As an owner-operator truck driver, Eric was living a comfortable life with few worries about money. Then a string of bad luck put Eric out of work for four months, forcing him to give up his truck and putting him at risk of losing everything.

After several failed attempts to find assistance from other sources, Eric came to CCCS with the goal of keeping ownership of his home. “Perseverance, that’s what it’s all about,” Eric reiterates. “If you really want to save your home you’ll do just about anything – whatever needs to be done.”

Credit Counselor Stephanie Hairston helped Eric navigate the in-depth and lengthy process of qualifying for the Mortgage Assistance Program, which allows out-of-work homeowners to refinance their mortgage and establish manageable monthly payments. “At first it was hard to be patient, you’re overwhelmed by so much paper work,” Eric recalls, “However, Stephanie, made me feel she was really interested in helping me. When I gave up, she never gave up. She had more faith then I did.”

Stephanie remembers Eric’s willingness to accept the slow process and appreciated his ability to do some of the leg work himself. “Eric was very patient throughout the process and recognized that he was not the only client I was working with,” remembers Stephanie. “His willingness to relay information to me from his mortgage company allowed me to promptly get them the necessary paperwork.”

With the assistance of CCCS, Eric was able to keep his home and get back on the road. “There’s nothing wrong with being humble and asking for help,” Eric says. He encourages others who don’t know about Consumer Credit Counseling Service to, “Check it out. It might be the only way to save your home.”

*Names have been changed to protect clients’ privacy.


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